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At Team Jorge, you will be in an environment where everyone feels inspired and helps each other grow.

Jorge Athletico aims for the bigger picture that is paving the way forward in the industry for youth, 13 to 25-year old, with a modern approach to fashion that aims to reduce carbon emissions - through eco-aware everyday acts and commercial processes. 
As an influencer, you will have the opportunity to communicate our brand to your audience and promote a lifestyle that you already love. Together, we can create a strong, empowering movement that anyone can benefit from. 
Jorge Athletico is the culmination of the beliefs that this brand was built upon; sustainability, health, determination, and the want for success – no matter how big or small.

By joining the ‘devoted to life’ movement, you will receive great incentives.

  • Discount Code for your own personal use
  • Ambassadors code for your audience to use
  • Exclusive invites to brand events, functions and meetings
  • The potential to grow your following and profile
  • And many more…


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